Meeting with the french grower of Los Angeles, California, J. de Botafarm

This exceptional cannabis breeder raises cannabis as French winemakers do, whose heritage he has. His vision of cannabis is not quite in line with industrial standards, on the contrary for him, it is a question of art, passion and cooking ...

J. of Botafarm Génétics

We met J. de Botafarm, the meeting was fruitful of information and advice that we share in this article.

J. is a french grower who now lives in California, his company Botafarm is famous for producing grand cru cannabis ... Its similarity with viticulture is not trivial. Indeed J. since young is passionate about the vineyard. He holds that from his grandfather, a winemaker at Saint Emilion.

"So it's true, my grandfather had a small vineyard in the Saint Emilion, since very young I saw him take care of his vineyard and his garden with passion and tenderness. I even think that at this level, we can talk about love. The taste of what grew was in my family for generations. "

For this exceptional breeder, cannabis breeding is more subtle and varied than viticulture (or at least equal to grand cru production). Between producing THC, CBD and doing a good curing, the steps producing good cannabis would be an art, and specifically for Botafarm, a secret technique (playing with time) that will not be revealed in this article (Revolutionary Technique but not patentable…)

Cannabis, a plant to master

The ideal of a good plantation for J. de Botafarm, is happening indoors. Indeed, due to irregular conditions, outdoor cannabis has a too low flower / leaf ratio), moreover, many soils may contain heavy metals that can easily be ingested by cannabis, which forces the grower to pay close attention to his production. .

As we know, a good cannabis crop must be organic, organic and pesticide free. Data to master, which would be preferable indoors.

Like the vines, outdoor cannabis is exposed to pests and pests, as well as the famous late blight (Plasmopara viticola), which is a parasitic fungus specific to grapevine, but also cannabis.

It develops in favor of rainy and mild springs, contaminating the herbaceous organs, it can lead to important crop losses, as well as problems of quality and weakening ... The current biological research, describes the symptoms, and the damage as more and more aggressive ... Mildew is a poison for cannabis, and according to J., many harvests are threatened, or canceled by this contaminant.

A history of terroir

Botafarm mainly recommends outdoor harvesting for extraction, always in the right conditions, ie with total control of pesticide-free production.

The quality of the land (part of the terroir), intervenes firmly in the cultivation of cannabis, and as would a good winemaker, the choice of land is more than valuable ...

According to J., so in Oregon and California we will probably find the best wines, plantations of the best cannabis outdoors (plants rise to + 10 meters high), and this is due to this famous terroir.

Botafarm's inspiration

J. de Botafarm is an example of the famous Dj Short. This world-renowned cannabiculturist is the Willy Wonka of cannabis.

Daniel John (who is not Dj ...) Short, who currently lives in Oregon (no coincidence) is the must of the cannibiculturists, in addition to his scientific background (and cognitive psychology), he participated in the development of the best varieties cannabis, of which Botafarm draws largely and methodically.

We owe him the family of "Blue", like the Purple Thai, the BlueBerry. In truth, the classics can not be overcome with a light, fruity taste (berries, berries, grapes ...). DJ Short herbs are currently grown in more than 60 country ...

"It's quite a trip to think that each of my breaths, there is someone in the world who gives a taffe to some kind of grass from my work". Dj Short

Muffin de arándanos

J., with his vision of cannabis culture and its inspiration, offers us strains in the same vein as the indissoluble Dj Short.
The Blueberry Muffin is a perfect example.

The Blueberry Muffin is a cross between a DJ Short Blueberry and a Sour Diesel. It is a small, robust plant like an Afghanica strain with indica leaves (formerly sativa). Its flowers are very dense and are paradoxically light. The fantastic aroma of Frozen Yogurt and Blueberry, very tangy, even has hints of strawberry, black cherry and grapes.

The effect is stimulating, followed by a rather relaxing descent. However the effect is surprising, novices must be very careful not to be surprised by the dissociation effect it can cause ...

The Blueberry Muffin grown by @botafarmgenetics with its fantastic taste of strawberry, blueberry and yogurt ...

OG Kush Master Yoda

Another selection of Botafarm, the OG Kush Master Yoda ... The master Yoda is an "elite" category clone that J. himself has collected. It is a cross of SFV OG and Master kush, a hybrid with very Sativa traits, and therefore a very fragile plant with environmental variations.

The effect of OG Kush Yoda is extremely powerful, its THC level can reach 30%, depending on the harvest.

Its earthy taste is very pronounced. It has a hint of pine heathland, lime and a touch of sweet anise. Probably one of the best GOs on the market ...

Urkel electric

The Urkel Electric is an Afghan (formerly Indica) cross between the Purple Urkel of Mendocino and an OG Kush.

The flowers are very dense and have a strong aroma of Kush and hashish.

The THC level ...

As a general rule, J. does not look at the THC level; a bit like we would for wine, we do not look at the alcohol content in a good vintage ...

"Moreover the rate of THC is not a good indicator on the potential of the effect, we can find land race Sativa with 10% which will give the worst crises of anxiety and dissociation that varieties with 25% very relaxing "tells us J." They all come out around + of 25% thc + or - 1% of CBD. But ratios change from harvest to harvest, and depending on the part of the plant and the time of harvest ... "

Rants against the cannabis industry

In addition, J. reminds us that the cannabis industry and specifically that of Big Pharma is not without dangers. We know that synthetic products and even pharmaceuticals produce quite undesirable side effects.

Just like the famous Marinol (or dronabinol), which is a synthetic form of THC found in Cannabis Sativa. This medicine is used in the treatment of weight loss and appetite associated with AIDS and in the treatment of severe nausea and vomiting caused by cancer chemotherapy.

But this kind of drug produces quite spectacular side effects, such as burns and other ... In addition, this synthetic product does not contain terpenes, these molecules so valuable to the specificity of a good strain of cannabis. Cannabis without terpenes, it's a bit like very bad wine, very low price ... piquette in short ...

Obviously, for J. the big production companies, even if high tech, serve more the producer than the consumer. Large manufacturers tend to produce plants that are harvested far too early, dried too quickly, and cured on clinic shelves.
Industrial standards a little too established ...

Packaging from Botafarm

In contrast, our Botafarm french grower sells its production directly in California dispensaries, its herbs are famous as would be good wine ...

Criteria and profile of a good strain according to J. de Botafarm

In spite of the attractive side of the events, J. did not have much fun with the idea of ​​proposing his strains to the "judges" of the Cannabis Cup. For the simple reason that his "self-proclaimed" judges can only bring at best incomplete results and at worst an erroneous report

This could surprise many, accustomed to competitions of major providers of the weed ... But logically, J. reminds us that a "judge who says expert (or not), smoking (so already smoking you burn 3 / 4 of the terpene profile) of the grass all day, saturates these olfactory receptors (olfactory fatigue).

They must test sometimes 20 dab, 20 strains, edibles, vapepen etc ...
From the point of view of taste it's just an enormity. But then from the point of view of the judgment of the effect of each strain one is in the most total masquerade ...
If I am "fasting" that I spray a GO, the effect of this one will be very easy to judge, now in the hour that follows, I consume another strain, the effects of this one will be completely erroneous ...

How to have an impartial and precise judgment in these conditions? "
A stoner is not a connoisseur in the same way that an alcoholic is not a sommelier

La opinión de cannabis sommeliers is more favorable, and more accurate for profiling a good weed. These professionals are trained, and rightly so, to establish the terpenic profile of a good cannabis plant.

In order to establish this good profile, J. de Botafarm recommends some points, which prove to be valuable for the cannabiculturist.


First, the visual appearance of the plant. That is the rate of crystallization (trichomes), the color and the structure of the head which must be compact and protruding.

Publicado por Genética Botafarm on Saturday 30 September 2017


In prevention, you need to establish if your plant does not have diseases or predators. If your plant is in poor health, you will not get the desired result, or worse you will have cannabis cannabis, unfit for consumption.

This crucial step is often sabotaged by the use of pesticides or hormone regulators (pgr) to obtain more compact flowers

Propiedades organolepticas

The organoleptic properties of cannabis can be defined as all of its characteristics perceived and evaluated by the senses of the consumer or those of an expert.

The organoleptic properties of cannabis play a key role in its perception before use or consumption. The main elements contributing to organoleptic quality are:
- taste
- the smell
- the aromas

The organoleptic properties can be evaluated during the vaporization of your weed. Tobacco removes the flavor of cannabis, if you really want to feel the "dress" of your production, spray at low temperature.

Test your weed after the harvest

Like wine, it may be necessary to test your crop after harvest. This 2 weeks to 1 months after drying. Trichomes are present, and your grass is ready for low temperature spraying.
Because of this, you will be able to test your herb. This is important to evaluate its taste, and its aromatic essences.

The active and passive effect

This is the time to test your weed frankly, in its final version ... Do not hesitate to bring you a stopwatch to measure the "active" effect (the time given before feeling the first effects) and the effect passive (the duration of the effect). In general, it can be observed that Indica (formerly sativa) strains may take slightly longer to "go up", while afganica strains (formerly Indica) may sometimes be faster.

But that depends on many other factors.
It should be noted that Indica (formerly Sativa m) is more favorable during the day, and Afghanica (formerly indica) heavier, in the evening ... The time / effect ratio, determines the potency and veracity of the strain of cannabis.

Noted that the market is essentially flooded with hybrids which creates a multicolored array of effects, hence the need to understand each plant.

So you calculate the time of the rise, and the effect in its duration (the passive effect). The time / effect ratio determines the potency and veracity of the cannabis strain.

The physical and psychological effect

You must know that the well psychedelic strains tend to attract a very specific clientele ... It all depends on the person, but in general the favorite herbs are subtle and not necessarily brittle ...
(What is paradoxical here because in LA the queen variety is the OG Kush ...)

Notice the state of your face, your eyes, and if possible contemplate yourself in a positive way.
If your skin makes you mentally or physically unsuitable for the action, either you want it or your herb is not adapted ... J. recommends testing 2 3 times the strain, to be sure!
A good herb will be tasty, powerful and easy to tasting.
You have to find your favorites is very important to make the most of your experience.

A good herb will be tasty, powerful and easy to tast (without distorting your face ...)

THC in the kitchen

French heritage requires, cooking is also part of the skills of J., and cannabic cuisine for precision.

J. and also the organizer of "Cultured create & Destroy" an event that blends gourmet cuisine and elite cannabis for the pleasure of the senses.
These dinners are organized in LA with the complicity of Chef Nate Santana.
Nate and J. work primarily on the olfactory and spiritual experience.
The dishes are microdosed, each plate contains 2 mg of cannabinoids for a total of 12mg / people.

We use concentrated but also pure flower. (The aromas of blueberry muffin blend perfectly with fish on the embers.

The goal is to have a good time not to make people sick.
The meal and accompanied by vape pen Organic Botafarm, terpenized according to the menu.

A fantastic experience for the body and mind that awakens the senses!

In short…

Do not worry if it all sounds complicated, because it's supposed to be! Researchers are still trying to understand how activation and inhibition of these receptors and enzymes affect us. But in terpenic cuisine based on cannabis, the thing is simple and the subtle effects, as would a good wine ...

Cannabic dinners in Ciudad de Culver

Thus, J. de Botafarm Genetics, reminds us that cannabis is surely the most subtle food and the most visible for our next years. We thank the french grower of California for his example, and the pleasant interview he provided us.

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