Medical Legalization for the State of Missouri and Utah


Victories in Missouri and Utah Expand Movement for Medical Cannabis

The state of Missouri and Utah have unified legalization and access to medical cannabis. These are the 31e and 32e states to approve the therapeutic use of cannabis. Earlier, last June, Oklahoma became the 30e State to legalize cannabis. This series of victories reflects the acceptance of the cannabis plant, and its therapeutic use.


Missouri voters have studied 3 separate proposals to legalize cannabis for medical purposes. The three proposals sought to legalize the use, purchase and possession of cannabis and allowed the state to establish a regulatory framework for licensed clinics.

But Tuesday night, only one of the proposals is passed. In Missouri, theEnmienda 2 legalizes medical cannabis and imposes a 4 tax% on all cannabis sales. In addition, these revenues will be used for health care services for veterans.

Missouri joins more than 30 other states that have legalized the therapeutic use of cannabis.

This measure was adopted with more than 65% of the votes. Those who want to legally consume cannabis must first receive a recommendation from a doctor. A classic model that allows dispensaries to sell cannabis to patients.


For Utah the legalization seems more complicated, although it had already been expected that voters would approve the Proposición 2 . This law allows patients to legally use, possess and purchase cannabis for medical purposes for conditions such as:

  • VIH
  • esclerosis múltiple
  • Trastorno de estrés postraumático
  • epilepsia
  • autismo
  • el cancer
  • and Alzheimer's.

During a period of 14 days, a state-licensed cardholder may purchase up to 56 gramos cannabis. However, the measure prohibit smoking cannabis directly; but it allows the vaporization, edible products infused etc. And, starting from 2021, holders of these breeding cards who live more than 160 km from a clinic will be allowed by the state to cultivate up to Plantas 6 for medical use.

Legalization in Utah with some compromises ...

However in October, state legislators accepted a bill with some compromises. If the project is voted on at the meeting:

  • Some eligibility requirements would be removed while others would be added.
  • Local authorities would have more power to ban dispensaries in their areas.
  • Dispensaries will be required to have a licensed pharmacist in their staff and the stores would be renamed farmacias.
  • All edible products would be banned (...) in addition to directly smoking cannabis, but other ways of consuming would still be allowed.
This (compromise) bill seems to have the support of a number of key players in the state, and the Mormon Church ....

However, this bill requires a full vote in the state legislature. For example, Utah Governor Gary Herbert called for a special session to adopt these compromiso.

A series of beneficial victories

Last June, Oklahoma became the 30e State to legalize cannabis for medical purposes, with some difficulties regarding its accessibility... However, cannabis remains a substance considered illegal in the United States. And, despite the efforts of states to roll back the federal prohibition, cannabis remains illegal under the law. Even though President Donald Trump shows his support for a possible relaxation of the federal ban.

However, the tendency of States is to challenge the federal ban. This in favor of a legal regulation that currently reflects a cultural shift toward greater acceptance of cannabis. Today, two out of three Americans are in favor of legalization. And, more than half of the country's states have legalized cannabis in one form or another.

Medical Legalization for the State of Missouri and Utah
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