Medical Zamal for Reunion Island


A health professional residing in Reunion Island recommends the medical use of Zamal

Zamal a powerful Sativa pushing despite the prohibitions of the French law on the island of the Reunion. This production, containing strongly CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), could help the development of therapeutic cannabis in France. Is medical Zamal possible? An addictologist from the Reunion and Head of Department at the University Hospital Guyon in Saint-Denis has made himself heard on this subject. In addition, the association UFCM I-Care present at the hearing, considers that the medical use of cannabis is an emergency. In France, cannabis could relieve more than Pacientes de 276 000 .

The medical Zamal

Everything is used in Zamal, leaves, flowers and seeds. Zamal cures the painful conditions of the digestive tract, it eliminates muscle tension and heals glaucoma. Officially on the island, it could even be used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, to see cancer ... Its CBD also relieves rheumatism, arthritis and menstrual pain. In addition, its THC also calms cerebral hyperactivity, migraines, neuralgia, urinary tract infections and psychic disorders. On the other hand the seeds are very nutritious, and laxative.

But French law forbids the use of the plant, at least officially even in Reunion ... The good news is that the medical use of cannabis was discussed on 12 last April in the National Assembly ... According to the initiative of the Deputy neurologist and doctor Olivier Veran, an audition session allowed to hear medical cannabis pros, including addictologist Reunion David Mété.

"This is an interesting opening because until now there was in France a refusal to consider the therapeutic prospects of cannabis and research on this subject was almost impossible because of its illegal nature," said immediately noted the addictologist David Mété

Does medical zamal have a bright future?

For the economist Jean-Yves Rochoux, it will cause additional costs ... But cannabis already heals many people in several countries, including unofficially on the island of Reunion. When David Mété talks about cannabis, he thinks of his local herb.

"The most interesting and scientifically well-established indications are: chronic pain, nausea induced by chemotherapy and stiffness (spasticity) in multiple sclerosis. There are many alkaloids in cannabis that, apart from THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), have interesting properties, such as cannabidiol (CBD) in epilepsy, "adds the Reunion addictologist. "For other indications, the scientific data are considered as inconclusive or insufficient to date; hence the interest of promoting research ".

Since Agnès Buzyn, the Minister of Health asks the various institutions to provide him with the state of knowledge on the subject. The Ethics and Cancer Committee should also be examining this issue soon.

Zamal is therefore likely to serve as a basis for French research. And since its development on the island of Reunion is prolific and widely used, a large medical panel is out and already conquered.

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Medical Zamal for Reunion Island
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