What is liquid E in Marijane? A perfect solution for discreet use

Vaping is an alternative to cigarettes, tobacco and its destructive aspect. The process involves applying intense heat to a substance that generates steam. The electronic cigarette, used to vapot different kinds of liquid tastes is now available for stoners. In France, you can find e-liquid with marijuana taste, but it's possible to make your own cannabis e-liquid without having graduated in organic chemistry.


The vaping

Contrary to what many people think, "vaping" was born more than 5 decades ago, in the 60 years to be exact. The brain of the invention was a certain Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist who was inspired by the death of his father, a cancer victim caused by tobacco. This device was called a Ruyan, which is translated freely as "smoke". The Ruyan proved to be a success, until the United States in the 2000 years.

Hon Lik inventor of vapote

No bad smell, no bad breath, the little sister of the vaporizer does not burn, and does not pollute your environment, the ashtrays are clean and the probability of getting cancer or other diseases from cigarette smoke is almost nil. It is more courteous to passersby and also a great way out of a delicate situation.

THC liquid

There is currently an endless debate about the e-cig, about its dangerousness ... To answer it simply, are you sure that the food you eat is healthy at 100? If you are a beginner, do not let yourself be swayed by all the myths surrounding the e-cigarette industry. Vaporization has no known adverse effects on the heart and arteries, it emits vapors. No more cigarette butts, odorless, no social stigma, no fire, no ashes ... Smoking of the vap is profitable in the long run.


However, there is a gray area on commercial e-liquid offering "cannabis", or rather THC. Most of these products are based on synthetic cannabinoids. These dubious molecules act on the same receptors as the THC of your cannabis plant, but in a more chaotic and really dangerous way. The bad feedbacks are numerous, the synthesis replaces the naturalness pretty badly ... It is however impossible to find in the trade of the e-liquid containing THC, the cannabis is considered as an illegal drug in France, the homemade Bio is therefore a highly recommended alternative.

Method of maceration

The e-cigarette works with e-liquid which consists mostly of a mixture of vegetable and organic glycerin, the herb in question and one or more flavors (natural or synthetic) for the taste and smells ^^ N ' any type of herb will do the trick, its fluids and active ingredients will release without an alarming odor, in the form of vapor (to inhale). The necessary ingredients to create your own e-liquid are:

Vegetable glycerine

It is a colorless, viscous and odorless liquid with a sweet and slightly toxic taste, used in many pharmaceutical compositions. Vegetable glycerin, is responsible for the smoke. It is used in limited quantities, its sweet taste denatures that of cannabis.



Vegetable glycerin (Bio) does not work well, especially with cannabis extraction (BHO) that dilutes badly. Propylene Glycol is suitable for the business, it will be possible to add thereafter vegetable glycerin to increase the steam.

e-liquid-propylene glycol vegetal

Propylene Glycol is used in many industrial and pharmaceutical uses or agropharmaceutical, low-dose food additive and recently in the e-cig. In addition, propylene glycol is used as a chemical additive to the aqueous base of inhaler and nebulizer for asthma since the 1950 years, without known serious side effects. It was once used in hospital to clean the air of pneumology departments. Propylene Glycol (PG) is readily available in pharmacies; you have to get some to make your own nicotine e-liquid ...

To prepare an e-liquid basado en el marijuana (of your choice) that suits the e-cig:


  • A good amount of dry grass
  • Propilenglicol
  • (Optional) Organic vegetable glycerin
  • Coffee grinder or grinder, blender
  • (Optional) For greater discretion - in public in particular, you can add natural flavors.
  • A coffee filter, or filter cloth. The finer your filter is, the smoother your e-liquid will be.
  • Bottles of 5ml (dropper bottles) Vials to store it
  1. Reduce cannabis as finely as possible. Use a coffee grinder if needed or a grinder. Heads harvested on the height will give more THC, but the recipe works perfectly with the terpenes of the plant, the small heads (bottom). The base ratio is about 20-25 grams for 500ml. It is strongly recommended to start with lower doses (2 / 3 gr for 40 / 50ml)
  2. First, add Propylene Glycol (PG), (400mL to 500mL) in a bowl or saucepan and let heat a little.
    (Optional) For more smoke, add vegetable glycerin. The dosage is therefore made from a base 100% propylene glycol to which is added more or less vegetable glycerin. (from 25 to 300 mg for 10mL solution.)
  3. Add your finely chopped cannabis, all on a low heat (mix occasionally)
  4. Let stand about 5 at 6 hours according to the quantity (to accentuate the taste, mix from time to time)
    (Optional) Add the enhancer of taste (and smell) via vote juice flavored liquid. 15 drops of concentrated natural aroma for 10 ml of liquid are sufficient to mask the smell but retain the taste.
  5. Let cool 5-10 minutes
  6. Place the fine mesh coffee filter or filter cloth over the container (bowl or glass). The more fine particles of grass you leave in the liquid, the more it will smell like grass when you spray it.
  7. Pour the contents of the container into your flasks (The liquid should not be hot because it can crack the walls)
The addition of herbs requires a "sleeping" time

If you use the optional 4 step, it will take 15 days to 3 weeks before you can consume. The added aromas require a so-called sleeping period. Keep the e-liquid in a dark place, and shake every day for a few seconds. Namely tobacco flavors require more sleeping time. To consume slowly ...

What is liquid E in Marijane?
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